Elbrus was founded in 2008 after a decade of computer science research on a simple premise: to bring high quality analytic software to web users and small businesses that lacked the time, resources and skills to learn the overly complex analytic software that was all that was available at that time. After a first generation of enterprise analytic products in the early 1990’s that included SAS & SAP, the new class of analytic tools emerged in 2000′th. The tools that are faster and more reliable and are in the form of analytic or factual search. 

Being one of the first providers, Elbrus has developed its factual search prototype based on our proprietary framework for big data capture, management and analysis. Through development, seeding, and partnerships, we have extended the initial tool into the broader product family.

Today, the company’s three divisions – big data management & analytic, software launchpad and its marketing vehicle – allow us to address the big data business challenge for our clients not in months but in days. We can help the users around the world to understand their business better by making building the big data analytic solution for any business fast and affordable.