With Elbrus Data Services it’s easy to build data services that find, transform, and aggregate data across multiple web sources.  We help  deliver the right formats to the right applications:

    • API Mashup Services: Due to the myriad of data sources and complexity of data models typical for running analysis today, the API mash-up is a must-have approach for firms to increase their productivity and empower business competitiveness. How it works? Elbrus Application Mash-up Service includes an automated discovery and integration of sources on application (API) level.  Application mashups are the quick way to provide business users with federated access to the heterogeneous data sources.
    • DATA Mashup Services: Elbrus Web.3.0 Data Mesh-up Service includes an automated source discovery and integration of sources on data level. Put your data together to create a single view of the stock portfolio or an industry segment!  Elbrus Data Services can help you make the best use of information across the web and enterprise.
    • Data Integration: Solutions for financial, market and academic research: With Elbrus data-integration services, you can create unified views of data related to any research topic. Elbrus data integration services address data and communication issues, offering data management, metadata mapping and storing, transforming data from the distributed data sources such as relational databases, XML, flat files, and web services – into a single, read/writable (interpretable) data source with a single common interface.


Data Services for corporate clients

Many institutions are adding new services for their core software systems.  Separating data-level and other system components promises to improve performance and maintenance of the systems. Elbrus Data Services help to create and maintain this important data service layer – an abstraction layer that helps firms take full advantage of available data across the web and industry groups and external classifications.


Data Services for non-technicians

Elbrus Data Services offer non-IT workers ability to handle some business intelligence (BI) development tasks from within their Excel spreadsheets or other applications. There is an ongoing need to run new analytic applications and develop new data structures.  Our Mashup-style data service  allows the making of low-level changes in user’s BI applications without affecting back-end data models.


Elbrus build its projects in compliance with w3c standards for structured data

Elbrus builds its innovative system in compliance with w3c standards for structured data. The W3C develops open specifications (de facto standards) to ensure and enhance the interoperability of the web.