The Big Data Platform

The platform combines traditional techniques with our proprietary approach to address big data challenge your business faces in the most effective way while minimizing cost and time.

The platform is build on an open source software and is available for  a paid pilot use. Please, email us for more info.

Features & Capabilities

  • Analytic Solutions: New type of search-based analytic to deliver information-based insights into any area
  • Discovery:  Discover, search and understand federated sources of big data across the web while leaving that data in place.
  • Hadoop-based:  Store any data type in the scalable Hadoop engine to lower the cost of processing massive volumes of data.
  • Real-time
  • Storage: Store structured, unstructured and semi-structured data with  optimized system designed for search-based analytic
  • New Analytic: Analyze any type of data to discover insight about what is important
  • Data Integration : Integrate and cleanse the data you need from number of federated sources


New Data Integration Solutions

Integration of information is a key factor of the many decisions that drive everything from medical research to investment analysis to agriculture.

Elbrus data integration services address both data quality and communication issues. The data integrations is based on our Big data platform.


A Better Way to Work with data across the diverse web sources and systems

Data Platform from Elbrus represent a powerful data management system that provides pre-installed tools for creating data services and a repository for storing data definitions with relevant metadata.  It lets you transform the data you have into the data you want. It allows multiple, distributed data sources – relational databases, XML, flat files, and web services – to be transformed into a single, read/writable data source with a single common interface. With Elbrus data-integration services, you can create unified views of data related to any analysis case or topic.


Single view of a topic data-space

Today, required data is scattered across multiple web-sources and databases. Elbrus data-integration services provide a single read/write view into multiple sources & databases. Analysts can now have a single view of a related data instead of consulting multiple applications and databases. This single view of topic data across the web is fully accurate and accountable in real time.


W3C Recommendations

Elbrus builds its innovative system in compliance with w3c standards for structured data. The W3C develops open specifications (de facto standards) to ensure and enhance the interoperability of the web.


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