API Mashups

API Mashup Services Elbrus Web.2.0 Application Mash-up Service includes automated web-sources discovery and integration of sources through their application interfaces (API level).  Application mashups are the quick way to provide business users with federated access to the required heterogeneous data sources.  Due to the myriad of data sources and complexity of data models typical for running  analysis today, the API mash-up is a must-have approach for any firm to increase their productivity and empower business competitiveness.

As more and more reusable structured data appears on the Web, financial, marketing and research firms will need  to take into their own hands the task of mashing up data rather than wait for new data-service sites to be built that address exactly their individually unique needs.  With Elbrus API mash-up service, we address  this need, offering our programming skills and data modeling expertise to quickly mash up data resources you need.