Life Science Systems

Systems that focus on semantic interoperability and standardization of bioinformatics data and Web services.


Source – Broadly covering biological, natural and biomedical sciences DBs. is a project providing stable and perennial identifiers for data records used in the Life Sciences. The identifiers are provided in the form of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs). is also a resolving system, that relies on collections listed in the MIRIAM Registry to provide direct access to different instances of the identified records.

Healthcare Link Initiative

They use RDF in clinical documents. CDISC and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) have created the inaugural working link between EHRs and clinical research systems.
CDISC/IHE developed integration profile, Retrieve Form for Data-capture profile (RFD), along with CDISC standards to collect relevant data from the electronic health record for critical secondary uses such as Safety Reporting (and Biosurveillance), Clinical Research, and Disease Registries.

Linking Open Drug Data project (LODD)

The The Linking Open Drug Data Project (LODD) focuses on linking various sources of drug data available on the Web to answer interesting scientific and business questions.



Linked Data Hub for the Life Sciences


1.Linking Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) together
2. An app for Medical Research that can be used for disease outbreak monitoring and prediction.
3. Utilizing real-world sensing and body sensing to provide user-friendly easily understandable info to individuals.
4. Biomedical question answering system over Linked data


From Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland. BioDBCore is a community-defined, uniform, generic description of the core attributes of biological databases.

CaféWell Health Optimization Platform based on IBM Watson

COEUS is an ongoing open-source project at the University of Aveiro‘s bioinformatics group. Integrates CSV, SQL, XML or SPARQL resources with advanced Extract-Transform-Load warehousing features.

Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Clinical Repository – is a standards-based interoperability framework that ingests patient data from across the enterprise. It indexes the metadata and virtualizes the data to enable universal accessibility of this enhanced data to external applications.


Solution leverages big data algorithms to help bloggers of any size to engage and retain their followers to maximize blog value. It uses machine learning and massive data sets to automatically create individually-tailored alerts, so the bloggers can plan their engagement campaigns. (Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge)


HealthCyberMap’s tool for building an RDF metadata base of health information resources based on the Qualified Dublin Core Metadata Set.


The Biogateway is an integrated system offering an interface, via SPARQL, to the entire set of the OBO foundry candidate ontologies, the whole set of GOA files, SwissProt, the NCBI taxonomy as well as in-house ontologies. The BioGateway provides a single entry point for exploiting these ontologies and constitutes a step towards a semantic web
integration for biological data.